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Vodka: SVEDKA Vodka Halloween 2018 Edition | BRIGADE

2019 ·

Following successful limited-edition designs for SVEDKA Vodka in the past, the design team embraced an opportunity to design their Halloween 2018 packaging. The goal of the design team was to make sure SVEDKA stood out during the popular Halloween sales window and disrupt an oversaturated category with creative that felt unique to the brand.

The final strategic concept the design team created is a gaping mouth that abstracts seasonal tropes like vampire fangs and dripping blood. It's graphic and bold, colorful and eye-catching. It's a little bit Dracula, a little bit Rocky Horror Picture Show. It plays with familiar seasonal elements without falling victim to literal interpretations that consumers could consider tired and iterative.

Several careful production techniques support a design that breaks through a busy retail environment. A sharp die-cut in the box forms the mouth's opening, creating the illusion of dripping fangs overlaying the SVEDKA bottle. A high-gloss printing technique makes the blood and mouth appear raised on the box and liquid-esque. In contrast, matte white teeth and debossed logos cut through the blood and provide prominent placement for SVEDKA branding on the packaging.

A focus point for the design team is creating a holistic consumer experience through strategy, visual messaging platforms, and proprietary retail approaches. To make the SVEDKA Halloween packaging cohesive, the design team designed additional pieces of collateral for consumers to engage with including pole-toppers and displays. All assets were designed to translate to multiple channels, including digital, social, and point of purchase.