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2019 ·

Nutrition Express is a well-known best-selling product in China. Launched more than 10 years, its cumulative sales of individual products are more than 120 billion yuan; the product packaging has also become a popular classic. However, how to break the conventional impression and inject new power into the product through packaging upgrade is the main problem that designers anticipate to tackle. After the market research, the new packaging is positioned for the young consumer groups among that old products are gradually failing to attract, and that advocates individuality, publicity, enthusiasm and self-confidence. The product slogan "You are excellent" not only refers to the new packaging of dazzling elements, but also expresses the young generation's confident attitude towards life. Specifically, the main vision interprets the flow of milk by color flowing in a form of water rubbing,and uses high saturation colors to collide with each other to produce strong visual impact.

The English font on the bottle is edged in dark gold, with wild brush strokes matching the vivid style and dazzling colors. On-line and off-line propaganda materials mainly use daring color collision, with fluid painting as the background and serif-free fonts, presenting a dynamic sense of rhythm.

In addition, the brand has launched a same series of make-up plate which well present the main slogan of "excellent". A series of offline flash events were held and have aroused widespread concern and discussion from the society. The brand promotes a youth-led consumer behavior to enhance its freshness and fashion through dazzling packaging colors and advocating a self-confident attitude towards life.

From the end of December 2018 to February 2019, sales of single products have reached 1.593 million boxes after the new package was on the market in such a short time, with sales reaching 79.65 million yuan. Sales are still on the rise at present. Therefore, the new Nutrition Express has successfully taken the first step of brand renewal.