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Totole Yuanweixian | Totole Yuanweixian Group

2019 ·

The China Chicken bouillon category is on the decline, as consumers get more and more health conscious. People think bouillon cubes contain preservatives/ chemicals and are not made from natural ingredients. Totole Chicken Essence is releasing a healthier chicken bouillon product. The proposition of the new product is "made from real ingredients/ made from real food".

The goal of the design was to capture the careful process of making real Chicken broth at home. The top down angle gives the consumers a modern 'in the process' feel, subsequently almost bringing the consumer to the kitchen table, as if it was them preparing the broth. Ingredients on tabletop let us relive the process of chopping up the freshest, most aromatic ingredients, while the wooden tabletop gives us a natural and homemade feel. The real chicken can be seen bubbling from a traditional claypot, with light whiffs of smoke that almost lets us smell the aroma. Finally the golden panel adds authenticity and trustworthiness to the product name, saying with confidence that this product is made with utmost care and quality.