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Manta Rum | Team Creatif Asia

2019 ·

Brand: Manta Rum is a completely new brand created by entrant's agency (from the actual brand name to creative design) for Indonesia-based alcohol beverage company PT Astidama Adhimukti. The new brand is to launch in Q2 2019 with three varieties of rum: White, Dark and Spiced.

Challenge: As a completely new product range that will compete with much larger, established Rum brands like Bacardi, Tanduay and Havana Club, entrant's challenge was first to come up with a brand name that credibly introduces a high-quality Indonesian Rum (itself fairly unique) to the market. Next, in terms of design, entrant needed to connect the brand's Balinese origin with a design format which is authentically Indonesian yet as appealing as international brands to attract sophisticated consumers at bars, restaurants, retailers and Duty-Free shops.

Outcome: Entrant came up with the name "Manta" which associates the Rum's tropical origin with the majestic, elegant sea animal found around Bali's coast. The logotype of Manta integrates the "winged" shape of manta rays which allows it to be more "ownable" for the new brand. Manta's icon was designed and illustrated in a traditional Balinese tattoo-style format that would render well across multiple media (digital and physical) whilst signaling to consumers the origin of the product.

Given that all three variants of Manta Rum (White, Dark, and Spiced) have powerful, distinctive coloring (which effectively differentiates the variants), entrant wanted consumers to focus on the product itself and thereby opted for a clean, uncluttered label design which focused attention on the new brand's icon and name, but allows the actual product to speak for itself. Color branding was used to reinforce different variants of Manta Rum, and structurally housed within a "band" format connecting the Balinese design motif with Manta's icon. Overall aesthetic was further accentuated by creating a more premium bottle design that was inspired by the classic cocktail shaker.

Indonesian government regulations on alcohol products require substantial information to be placed on the front label, which entrant cleanly integrated allowing it to be easily read, but not overpowering or distracting to the overall design.