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Liang Yuxian canned series packaging | Yuan Bo - Wuhan Polytechnic University

2019 ·

The branded packaging design with the theme of fish, shrimp and crab is made by Liangzi Lake aquatic products that are often eaten in Hubei. The brand name is "Liang Yuxian", and it is hoped that the relaxed and interesting illustration style will show the way of ecological farming in Liangzi Lake and the leisurely mood of local fishermen when fishing. In each product packaging illustration, the fishermen are caught in the state of fishing, fishing with fishing rods, fishing with nets, and crabs with bamboo poles, so that people can feel the ecological farming methods of fishermen when they see the brand packaging. . The translucent blue cubes and the plants in the water, as well as the fish and shrimps, can give a sense of three-dimensionality of the lake and the sense of freedom of fish, shrimp and crab walking through the lake.

The canned food is sealed and fresh-keeping. The sealing and barrier properties of the metal iron box ensure that the food does not have harmful bacteria pollution under long-term normal temperature storage conditions, ensuring the quality and taste of the aquatic products, so that people can taste anytime and anywhere. To the delicious aquatic products.