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Gold 24-hour Fresh Milk | Hangzhou Hotidea Brand Planning Co.,Ltd. & New Hope Dairy Co.,Ltd.

2019 ·

This fresh milk product has a golden standard,that is,A+ grade gold milk source, which index is far higher than the EU standard, 72? 15? prime pasteurization temperature, which retains the active nutrition in milk more completely than ordinary fresh milk, and only sold on the same day, which lasts no more than 24 hours from production to shelving.

The bottle cap adopts the concept of "crown", which represents the nobility and scarcity of milk. It combines the dynamic milk effect formed by the splashing of milk droplets, expresses the vitality and freshness of the milk, and forms a strong correlation with dairy products.

The bottle body adopts exquisite and concise curve transition, which increases the whole bottle's sense of elegance and nobility and better sets off the concept of "crown". In addition to appearance, considering the comfort of use, the design team ensures the vision and capacity while using the most suitable diameter for hand holding. The top inward curve forms a bulge that makes the bottle easier to take.

Visually, it adopts a concise and atmospheric design style, which complements the bottle design. The golden blocks continue the main vision of the original "24-hour" products, so that the two products have a certain degree of continuity. The color blocks also use the elements of crown and splashing milk , which correspond to the design of bottle caps. A thermometer is designed on the side to strengthen the concept of 72? prime temperature.

The team highlights the selling point by design, so that consumers can discover good products around themselves through vision and feeling, which is also the value that design wants to achieve.