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LIFEWTR Series 5 Art Beyond Borders | PepsiCo Design&Innovation

2019 ·

LIFEWTR is a purpose-driven brand, driven by design, that provides a premium bottled water experience by fusing creativity and purpose to serve as a source of inspiration and hydration. More than water, LIFEWTR is a platform for emerging artists. Design is at the heart of the brand, foremost on the bottle, and in how it communicates through artists and brand content, in store, and at live events.

LIFEWTR first launched in the U.S. in January 2017. In 2018, LIFEWTR released three different series, each raising awareness around a cultural anchor that is relevant to society and featuring the work of three emerging artists working in that space. LIFEWTR was born out of purpose and design thinking—it is a water brand with a uniquely human-centered focus that carves out a distinct space in the water category and impacts the broader society and art community on a global scale.

Series 5, ‘Art Beyond Borders,’ celebrated the power of art to create cultural understanding and unity through artists whose work is inspired by multiple cultures. LIFEWTR, in partnership with Frieze, one of the world’s leading contemporary art publications and event institutions, hosted a series of panels and events at the Frieze NY Art Fair to engage the community in a conversation about cultural exchange through art. As a part of the partnership, the LIFEWTR fund supported an acquisition of a significant work for the Brooklyn Museum.

Each series reinforces how LIFEWTR stands for advancing artists and creators. It inspires people to think about and build connections to art in tangible ways. One key differentiator is that the brand has been built through experiential design—providing consumers with an immersive, memorable experience that is then shared digitally to build a powerful organic and authentic following.

LIFEWTR is leading a cultural conversation in an industry that is typically driven purely by product claims. Instead of a product-forward proposition, focusing on water only in terms of its functional value, entrant are shifting the conversation to the broader ambition of celebrating culture by building a platform for artists and creators.