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Packaging Design for Fulljoy Milk Powder Collection | Harbin Hezhi Brand Planning & Design Co., Ltd.

2019 ·

Fulljoy Nutrition LLC specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of infant and maternal nutrition with its headquarters and R&D Center located in Australia. Its products boast “One Fulljoy for Seven Needs in Stages of Kids” and are originally produced and packaged in Australia. There is a geometric figure like the Chinese character “” on the Australian National Flag, part of which similar to “7” reflects the signature of the brand – a symbol that clearly and accurately conveys its key messages; Combined the features of Koala, unique in Australia, and the traits of kids at different stages, a strong brand image of a vivid and cute koala is built to enable deep bond between the two images for improved customer satisfaction; Its packaging is on a dark blue and red background (featured on the Australian National Flag) to reflect its origin, which distinguishes it from its competitors who apply the color white to symbolise pureness, for an internationalized and premium look.