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Herb and Spice Seasoning | Shanghai McCormick Foods Company

2019 ·

For the past 30 years, entrant' spice seasoning products are the market leader in China. Consumer perceive it as a national seasoning brand. Over the years, copycats from small local brand emerged which dilute the differentiation and confuse consumer choice. Entrant need to bring  manifesto AS NATURE INTENDED to consumer, which  products are naturally grow and ripe, hand pick, and dry under the sun without adding any preservatives.

To revamp the whole spice range with strong brand personality, reflecting the NATURAL dimension of the brand essence and building relevant to consumer. To project our brand as a 130 years US global brand to enhance brand credibility. To retain the current consumer and attract younger audience.

To differentiate from the copycats in the market, entrant decide to abandon the brand visual equality,the design architecture and the green and white color palette. By just keep the bottle shape, entrant goes for a drastic revolutionary change. The whole design idea is about simplicity,simple purity, powerful and unique design to highlight the product and ingredient…nothing more but pure ingredient in powder form. The transparent oval window idea is from stone which is one of the symbol of Mother Nature and the ancient grinder. The ingredient and product name is staged in an heroic artistic way. Black to stay away from market green and white and convey the premium positioning. The new design, material and printing create strong counterfeit protection from the easy paper label printing in the market. You can find new products in Tmall flagship store with a new online communication language.