2019 ·

The product embodies the Chinese aesthetic value of a round heaven and a flat earth. Beneath the heaven, everything lives on the earth with human being as the supreme creature. Taking the shape of a round top and a square bottom, the bottle demonstrates a harmonious relation between human and nature, and a combination of motion and stillness. To maximize the hand feel, it is manufactured with white clay at a medium-high temperature of 1250℃? Applying the traditional techniques thousands of miles away of the Jingde County, the yielding rate is as low as 60%. The Wendao and Xundao series use highly-bright white glaze, while the Mingdao and Hongdao series use matte white glaze. And the decoration on its body applies nano-material of exquisite technique and texture. The plug is made of wood which facilitates storage and the packaging box is made of paper with wood-like patterns. On the box prints Tao Te Ching in handwriting, inside is filled with vacuum cotton to protect the bottle. So you are not simply buying a bottle of Baijiu, but a box full of ancient culture with both eastern and western charm.