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Little Moons | Pearlfisher

2019 ·

Little Moons,Fascinated by the delightful worlds of flavour wrapped up within each mouthful, entrant set a vision to take mochi from foreign novelty to universal indulgence inspired by the character and craft of its heritage.

Entrepreneurial brother and sister, Vivien and Howard Wong, are challenging the UK frozen treat market with new brand Little Moons. Having hit the high notes of Whole Foods, Selfridges and Nobu in the UK, the pair turned to entrants to take the traditional delicacy - bite-sized gelato balls wrapped in doughy outer casings - into Europe.

Working to the design essence of 'Unexpected Harmony', entrants introduced the world of Little Moons into an everyday premium space across identity, packaging, in-store brand development and point-of-sale design. A hand-drawn crescent moon pattern, a nod to the brand's symbolic name and the products' hand-crafted nature, is central to the new look and feel, whilst the logo mark - simple and iconic - places the product at the heart of the brand.