Marking Awards 2020 - Winners Announced!

On July 8, Marking Awards 2020 Ceremony was held at the Food & Beverage Innovation Forum in Hangzhou. Since this global-scale design contest was launched 4 years ago, Marking Awards has been devoted to building an interactive platform for F&B brands and their potential design partners to drive the innovation of China’s F&B packaging. It has received much attention from the WPO. 

Marking Awards 2020 has received 483 design works from 300 enterprises, design institutes and amateurs across the world, and finally come out with 41 winners among professionals and students.

Our professional juries consist of senior executives of packaging design departments from global top 100 F&B companies, and the founders and directors of design from prestigious international design institutes. They have reviewed the entries from the properties including the design itself, its balance, communication, and function, how forward-looking it is, and how much its concept is realized, and given their fair comments from various aspects. Next, let’s reveal the final results of Marking Awards 2020!

The Grand Marking Award of Label Design 2020

NameThai Wisdom Rice

InstitutionPrompt Design


"The rice we consume in everyday life is produced through modern conventional mass production. Many people may question if this production process is actually good enough for us. Therefore we make research to confirm that the traditional rice-growing process without any machines will yield better quality rice. This ancient Thai wisdom rice farming includes soil preparation using buffalo, seedling preparation and transplanting, hand sowing, hand harvesting, manual threshing and husking.The experimental result reveals that the jasmine rice yielded from traditional farming is of higher nutrients. The brand- Healthy Food Healthy Life was introduced to the market because the new trend of consumption, especially that of healthful and non-toxic and environmental friendly food is a driving force from the emerging new group of consumers who demand organic rice with high nutritional values." 

"To convey the customers with the conception of processing perfection in each seed of jasmine rice, we carve a picture of each rice growing process onto a woodblock of rice seed. The detailed steps of rice-growing are illustrated on each wooden block of rice seed e.g. buffalo soil preparation, hand harvesting, hand husking, etc.Working with the carvers to achieve the best wooden seed details has made us feel the hardship and meticulosity of rice cultivation before delivery to tasteful consumption." 

Healthy Food Healthy Life sold out within 1 week. The customers' feedback reflected their surprise and impressions of the new way of rice that they've never seen before.

The Grand Marking Award of Structure and Material Design 2020

NamePlant-Based Bucket

InstitutionThe Robin Collective


Our two clients, a popular alternative dairy company and a food delivery service within the UK market,required our expertise with a food and packaging innovation promotion for Power Plant Day. Power Plant Day was established by our‘dairy alternative’client to celebrate vegan consumables whilst also encouraging consumers to make more conscious, animal-free choices.The key objectives were to create a product that was a‘world’s first’, both unique and spark media interest for both brands whilst also raising awareness for Power Plant Day. Another essential factor was the product was to be accessible to the everyday person, inclusive to a wide audience and even meat-eater consumers whilst having the brand’s own product as a core ingredient.The aim was not for financial benefit but to create hype around the brands and the key lifestyle messaging. Sustainable eating is a trending topic and we needed to highlight that these dynamic brands priority this as part of their identity.Ultimately we needed to achieve a balance between accessibility and innovation in order to create a product that will inspire consumers from eating animal-derived proteins to choosing a more plant-based consumer lifestyle. 

We had to strategically balance between accessibility and innovation.This was achieved by researching popular and familiar food brands, types and outlets in the United Kingdom. From this, we investigated how easy it was to change and alter the foods into a new,nutritional and innovative product.It was decided, based on UK consumer demand,that we would redesign a traditional fried chicken and chips takeaway meal. We could easily mimic the texture of meat whilst offering a nutritional alternative that tastes great,if not better than the animal-based product. Fungi acted as the base, an accessible and sustainable ingredient with a texture that could easily mimic meat.The core ingredients of the brand are a variety of grains and nuts, which compliment the mushroom flavor well,allowing the product to showcase its versatility. Translating the ethos of the product and Power Plant Day not only to the food but also to the packaging was key in terms of innovation;a sustainable product meant that sustainable packaging was vital.The final run of ingredients lent themselves well to becoming a biscuit, tasty and perfect in forming a sturdy structure similar to the classic fried chicken takeaway bucket packaging. The edible branding was achieved with rice paper and edible ink derived from natural plant pigments and held in place with an agar-based adhesive.This resulted in a completely edible and biodegradable product, excusing the recyclable paper sleeve that held and protected the food during transit. 

Our Final Product, the Plant-Based Bucket was a three-piece set,fried mushroom nuggets,sweet potato fries,and a vegan garlic mayo dip.Individually packaged in delicious and nutritional edible (or biodegradable) buckets with a lid.Ingredients of the packaging included rye flour,cashew, spelled flour,hazelnut,oats,coconut,sesame seeds, nigella seeds,pumpkin seeds,fennel,flax seeds,and olive oil but could also consider using F&B byproducts to reduce waste within industry.The bucket meals were sold online through a popular global delivery service from various locations within the United Kingdom. Each had 50 serves that sold out within minutes. As part of the project and to be transparent with the creation of the idea, we created a 1-minute video,which was released before the launch day to create a media buzz. From this video,multiple vegan and plant-based websites endorsed the product and Power Plant Day and we were delighted to be featured in various publications including London’s own Metro newspaper.

The Grand Marking Award of Brand Full Case Design 2020


InstitutionJones Knowles Ritchie


Harbin beer, China’s first beer born in 1900 has a legacy familiar to Chinese consumers. Like other beers with heritage, Harbin was still wearing an identity of a 100-year old beer and not keeping up with China’s youth today a generation with an unsatiated thirst for novelty and were looking for brands that reflected their relentless spirit."The new Harbin world has elevated the brand into a whole new playground beyond the beer world, connecting with today’s Chinese youth by offering them visual experiences and new cultural spaces such as fashion and the arts to stimulate their relentless spirit and desire for new experiences. A multi-faceted brand world capturing China’s youth spirit was created: Reflecting their dynamic optimism through a contemporary and stylistic expression of the brand logo Transforming the snow mountain into a new-age graphic icon which instantly took a life on its own beyond the beer label. Celebrating their fluidity and unstoppable desire for self-expression by taking the logo beyond a definitive expression and expressing it in other forms and spaces. Top selling product in the Core++ segment73,767,800 bottles sold in just 6 months 441,726,938 Impressions Brand health increase across all metrics, notably, +0.4 suitable for young people. +1.6 points as an innovative brand. +2.7 points more refreshing than others"

Marking Visual Award 2020 (Label Design Category)

NameStacy's Rise Project

InstitutionPepsiCo Design & Innovation



Staying true to its roots as a company founded by a strong female entrepreneur, Stacy’s Pita Chips made its biggest effort yet to support strong, hard-working women throughout Women’s History Month in March 2019 and beyond with the launch of The Rise Project. Stacy’s launched its third annual collection of limited-edition bags that feature original artwork from noteworthy female artists. Studies have shown that women continue to lack equal access, growth opportunities and financial investment – receiving only about 2 percent of all venture funding, despite owning 38 percent of the businesses in the country.


Due to the altruistic nature of the project, we carefully selected six female artists to each depict a phase in “The Rise”—our name for the unique journey women business founders take when driving towards success. The phases of The Rise are Inspiration, Courage, Grit, Nourishment, Success and Community. We selected each artist based on their correlating phase. We then collaborated with the artists to create visual metaphors for each phase.

For the Inspiration phase, we selected Nomoco from Fukuoka, Japan for her dreamlike watercolors. Amrita Marino was chosen for the Courage phase, an engineer turned illustrator who originally hailed from India. The metaphor to represent courage is a trapeze—which requires strength and grace when taking the leap of faith. Alexander Bowman represents the Grit phase because of her humanistic and hand-drawn style. For Grit, we created a challenging, winding path that leads to otherworldly success... to the moon! The art conveys the message that when they remain focused and true to themselves, avoiding noise and distraction, and taking things one-step at a time—strong female business leaders will reach their goals.

For the Nourishment phase, we worked with Jane Beaird of Quiet-Creature. Thinking about the fragility of gardening led to the image of women holding budding plants in their hands. Being a nurturer of something so delicate is reminiscent of an entrepreneur carefully tending to her dream business, as well as herself. The fifth phase in the Rise Journey is Success. For this, we selected artist Jade Purple Brown who uses a mixed media approach to ensure that the artwork is bold and impactful. By using one central figure and bold uses of color, this imagery represents strength for all women. The sixth and final phase in the Rise Journey is Community. We were inspired by Eleni Kalokati’s whimsical, yet sophisticated, interpretation of the female form. The theme of the design is “lifting as we climb.” Eleni used a cross-section of people from around the globe to create an elegant web of support to represent Community.


The Stacy’s Rise project drives support for women entrepreneurs with a $100K commitment from Stacy's in the form of micro-grants. What’s more, supporters can help match the brand’s $100K commitment by donating $10 —and claim a bag and collector’s print as a thank you. All proceeds directly support United Way in the funding of these essential micro-grants for women entrepreneurs.

NameBorjomi Water

InstitutionIDS Borjomi International


The main goal of our product in CAN: the penetration among young TA 18-30 years old with the key message “You can't hide your character” that means you are unique, you should express yourself, live the life you want to, follow your dreams and listen to your passions. Is extremely popular among youth for its convenient on-the-go format and limited edition designs as well as for its functional qualities. The main goal of New Year campaign: make consumers use product before, during and even after the holidays, making the festive period longer! Slogan of campaign "Holiday for #borjoming". It means have fun, have fun time/leisure, celebrate, play a little naughty, play a little fun, enjoy life every moment. To support this campaign agencies were required to develop limited edition design. 

The festive design was created as harmonious combination of bright colors and fireworks, a modernly stylized figure of a noble deer and the brand's signature Georgian Green color. The new packaging attracts attention to the "festive” line of this product and reminds us that the magic time is coming. PREMIUM QUALITY. Matt varnish emphasize the premium product. NATURAL 3D EFFECT. Well-balanced composition of the design elements and color range together with seamlessly integrated metallic luster create a 3D effect. PERFECT TRENDY “INSTA-PRODUCT”. Design involved consumers to interact by posting the pictures of festive cans and writing positive comments (see examples in ppt file) DIGITAL PRODUCT – THE SOURCE OF GREAT UNIQUE EXPERIENCE FOR CONSUMERS. Special augmented reality application was designed to promote the festive campaign. Using smartphone application customers could make the Deer alive – talking to them and guiding them through the manual to record video greetings and selfies with animated masks and funny holiday filters. 

The developed design has become one of the most successful designs of our company. The brand is super premium (the price of the product is 3-6 times higher than the average price on the market), its consumption culture has already co-formed, therefore it is difficult to achieve a significant increase in sales, but thanks to the festive design we gained a 6% increase in sales!!! Grateful consumers actively published admiration and thanks for the new design (photos of publications are attached to the presentation slides). But not only consumers praised the packaging design. He received high marks from several international competitions. In particular, entered the TOP-100 Packaging of the world ( Also it took 1st place in Global Bottled Water Awards of Zenith in category Best Can (

NamePejoy Flora Series Biscuit



Pejoy Flora Series Biscuit offers elegant fragrance and collagen for skin caring, thus the package design needs not only to communicate the typical category norm and appetite, but also to leverage visual image to stimulate consumers' sense experience in an unique way. 

"'Pejoy Garden' is the creative concept, comes with a vivid visual story:'Walk into the Pejoy Garden,You'll be surrounded by countless flowers, butterflies and birds,You'll immerse in the fresh fragrance,You'll taste the nature,It's sweet, mellow, and joyful...'" 

The fine illustration style successfully attracted the target consumers - the 16-28 years old young ladies, and widely received positive comments and momentums on different EC platforms like 'Little Red Hat'.

NameDark Jade Multi-flavor Sunflower Seeds

InstitutionPica Packaging Design Lab


After the success of Dark Jade Sunflower Seeds, the client wants to broaden its product line for Xiaomi platform. 

We have proposed an incremental marketing strategy for the multi-flavored product. The traditional sunflower seeds consumer is mainly middle-aged, while the platform has many young users. The raw material come from Xinjiang, how to transform agricultural products into casual snacks that attract young consumers is what we concern about. We spent a lot of time discussing the preferences of young people and found that the wolves on the Gobi Desert in Xinjiang have a global influence for their wild, free and natural impressions. To this end, we have integrated natural branches into the wolf head elements for creation. The visual illustration is full of wild taste, subverting the traditional packaging style, and boldly fitting the taste of young people. 

Packaging design has been approved by consumers, and the widespread of the media reprints has also strengthened consumers' willingness to purchase.

NameYe Kaitai Four-season syrup medication

InstitutionWuhan Pufine Advertising Co., Ltd


The Chinese medicine brand under the Jianmin Group has a history of 383 years, and it is known as Tongrentang, Chen Liji, Hu Qingyutang, and is called "China's four major medicine names". How can a traditional Chinese medicine brand with more than 300 years inherit the traditional Chinese medicine culture, and truly solve and regulate the sub-healthy living state of modern people.

Ye Kaitai adopts nine ancient processes, selects nine Chinese herbal medicines, and develops a series of health-care products made by hand-made [Four Seasons Cream Recipe]. The product combines the different scenes of the four seasons with the efficacy of the corresponding herbs. Replenishing blood; summer long dragonfly, Wumei Shengjin to quench thirst; autumn harvest back Yan Nanfei, Sydney clears lungs and moisturizes; winter Tibetan butterfly turns cocoons, ginger sugar warms the palace to dispel cold. The uppercase "玖" reinforces the history of the product with the ancient style of the script. The nine carved techniques combined with pictographs are combined into the shape of the plum blossom window sash; the quality and ingenuity of the product are strengthened. Using traditional flower and bird brushwork combined with gold drawing techniques. Each type of paste is perforated with the image of a copper pot, and the expression method is combined with Ma Yuan's "Layered Waves and Overlaps" of the Southern Song Chinese painting. The waves are thick and strong like the tortuous waves made by the paste. Combining traditional Chinese art with aesthetic mood and products, the product quality image is reborn.

Won the "Gold Award" in the Central South Star Competition in December 2019.

Marking Communication Award 2020 (Label Design Category)

NameBeak Pick

InstitutionBackbone Branding


These days we are becoming increasingly aware of our health, therefore exchanging our old diets with more nutritious options and overall healthier eating habits. Recent studies show that is it highly recommended to eat in small quantities throughout the day rather than burdening our digestive system with large meals. However, we live in a country where jam is popular and a consumer's favorite. Therefore, our aim is to continue enjoying this delicious but highly sugary food rather than cutting it off from our daily diets, while consuming it in a more cautious way. 

So, the idea for this new line of jam was to construct a brand identity that conveys this specific message:”jam is a treat to be savored rather than a meal to be devoured.” 

Nature is always a big source of fascination, we get inspired by studying the shape and anatomy of its components or even observing the behavior of its species. 

While observing the way birds ate fruit in an orchard, we came to a conclusion that their behavior is representative to the way man should graze on food and enjoy it in small quantities. Their behavior was precise, taking in their daily dose of sweetness in tiny bits just enough to get a taste of the delightful flavors without overly indulging. This is the way man should consume jams. They are''daily treats''to be savored slowly while taking pleasure in the moment and the taste rather than to be devoured too quickly. 

The beak is the part that the bird uses in order to pick up the piece of fruit and eat it. Furthermore, we noticed on a visual level, that the similarity between the aesthetics of the beak of a bird and the shape of some fruits is significant. Adding to this that fruit are the main components of jam, our product! 

This is how the name''beak pick !''was born. 

This was followed by a unique series of illustrations portraying the resemblance between the anatomy of a bird's beak and the form of fruit by combining them into one entity. Going deeper with our bird theme, we were inspired by their frisky walking patterns for the playful writing style, then we added to the logo the scattered tracks of their feet. With its pure white background the product stands out from the lot and creates a contrast with the vibrant, colorful illustrations and black writing therefore having a strong impact on the looker. 

Our message is clear and precise, consumers should savor ''Beak Pick !''as their daily sweet treat. Visually, with birds and fruits illustrated on its label, the brand evokes a pro nature design, which perfectly mirrors the natural and non-artificial quality of the product. The“Beak Pick !” range includes jam and preserves, compotes, dried fruits and tea.

NamePip & Nut

InstitutionB&B studio


Pip & Nut is a brand of all-natural nut butters, made without palm oil. Founder Pippa Murray began making nut butters to help fuel her marathon runs and quickly saw the gap in the market for a better, healthier, more versatile product. The brand currently sells eight nut butter flavours across jars, squeeze packs and large tubs. As well as limited edition flavours, it has also recently launched a range of indulgent Nut Butter Cups made with single-sourced Colombian chocolate. We were tasked with positioning and designing the brand from scratch, from brand identity and packaging design to brand communications. Five years on from launch, Pip & Nut has become one of the fastest-growing brands in the healthy food and drink sector and is aiming to hit a retail sales value of 25 million by 2020.

The brand identity design is full of characterful spirit. The leaping squirrel identity – whose tail forms the P of Pip & Nut – reflects the product’s energy-giving qualities while subtly suggesting the spreadability of the product. A pure white background, unfussy type and straightforward ingredient imagery communicate the brand’s natural value in a refreshing way, while the tagline ‘Natural Nuttiness’ introduces the broader brand personality and tone of voice. The introduction of a sachet format was integral to highlighting the new usage occasion – on-the-go protein and energy snacking – that went on to redefine consumers’ understanding of nut butter and introduce the product to new merchandising opportunities.

By positioning itself as a versatile lifestyle brand, Pip & Nut has brought incremental growth to the nut butter category and has built a passionate and loyal following of brand advocates. This community are made up of over 100,000 followers who help inform product development decisions represented by the move into Nut Butter Cups.

NameAldi Rice



Aldi as one of global supermarket brands coming to us with an expansion plan in China Shanghai. Our assigned task is to create all own brand products of food and non-food categories. 

With the trading up trend nowadays in China, consumers are willing to pay for high quality products which is a right timing for Aldi to come to China market. German brands always represent high quality and have fatal appeal to consumers. We started with consumer insight and defined brand DNA for each brand, Aldi stands for German heritage, quality and cost-effective. 

We explored a clear design strategy for each category to well represent the brand DNA, the unique design helps Aldi own brand products stand out on shelf while it looks modern, simple and nice with good quality sense of feeling. The design system also helps easily to do SKU adaptation within each brand, it’s well balanced the flexibility and unity.

NameBudengTei Wong You

InstitutionBudeng Foods


Our team has always been dedicated to improve the value of aquatic products. Tei Wong You is the most high-end category in crab derivatives. Our design uses exquisite gift box packaging to highlight a sense of value while enriching cultural connotation,meeting the gift-giving needs of customers. 

The design of our gift box stickers and product scrolls is inspired by newspapers. As traditional communication media,newspaper has a mission of cultural inheritance. The product development story and key information are recorded in the newspaper,giving the packaging the value of spreading the crab culture.Visually,the hand-painted hairy crab can demonstrate the raw materials of the product. The fan-shaped pattern of the bottle sticker is derived from the traditional fan-shaped window in Suzhou gardens,and it is a concept of elegant Jiangnan style. The inner lining water ripples resource from the "ripple set”,which expresses the agility of aquatic products and further highlights the Jiangnan style of our brand.Technically,the paper with texture is used; the side poems are bronzing; the water ripple is printed gold on the EV lining material; the shape of the iron spoon mimics the shape of the crab legs,so that the delicate details of the gift box are everywhere. The whole box is given a kind of touch-sensitive membrane in order to ensure the moisture-proof function of the frozen product package,and the temperature is more skin-friendly,satisfying the dual needs of consumers for the functionality and enjoyment of gifts. 

The packaging has won praises from many gifts and sales channels. In December 2018,more than 10,000 copies of this product were sold within only one week.

NameJiang Xin Ying Zao Beer bottel

InstitutionChina Resources Snow Breweries Co., Ltd.


"The sales volume of competitors in the high-end segment is 2 million tons, and our sales in the high-end segment is only about 700,000 tons. In the face of strong competitors, we are far behind in terms of share, sales, profit and brand. The subdivision competition is at a disadvantage; whoever controls the high-end market wins the future, we face major pressures and severe challenges in the high-end segmentation; the original product is not competitive enough, and does not support us to make greater breakthroughs in high-end segmentation. , greater development, in order to support the company's strategic goals; we also need a highly competitive high-end segmentation products to provide us with ammunition for breakthroughs and development.The sales volume of competitors in the high-end segment is 2 million tons, while our sales volume in the high-end segment is only about 700000 tons. In the face of strong competitors, we are far behind in terms of share, sales volume, profit and brand, and are at a disadvantage in the high-end segment competition; whoever controls the high-end market will win the future, and we are facing significant pressure and severe challenges in the high-end segment; The original product is not competitive enough, which does not support us to make a greater breakthrough and development in the high-end segmentation, in order to support the achievement of the company's strategic objectives; we need a highly competitive high-end segmentation product to provide ammunition for our breakthrough and development." 

"The best way to pay tribute is to design a product that is ingenious. Dedicated packaging (package design) Ingenuity to create product design inspired by the traditional Chinese craft - window. The amber glass bottle comes with a tough temperament, which contrasts with the T-shaped and I-shaped lines in the traditional window sill, and inherits the symmetrical beauty of oriental aesthetics. Crafted with quality ingredients (bodied taste) Malt from Germany, using a low-fermentation brewing style, perfectly preserves the aroma of pure wheat and mellow taste; the natural gas brought by Hesbruck fragrant flowers and the strongness brought by mysterious yeast perfectly restore the appearance of beer; Focus on the details to create a masterpiece The best way to pay homage to ingenuity is to design a product with ingenuity. Show ingenuity with exquisite packaging (packaging design) The inspiration of the product design comes from the traditional Chinese craft window lattice. Amber glass bottle body, with its own tough temperament, sets off with the T-shaped pattern and I-shaped pattern in the traditional window lattice, inheriting the symmetrical beauty of oriental aesthetics. Brewing ingenuity (body and taste) with quality raw materials Malt from Germany is brewed in a low fermentation style, which perfectly retains the fragrance and mellow taste of pure wheat. The natural flavor of hesbrooke fragrant flower and the intensity of mysterious yeast perfectly restore the beer's appearance. Focus on details for ingenuity" 

"Ingenuity to create products officially listed in August 2018, positioning high-end segmentation, after listing in August, did not promote resource support, natural sales, as of the end of November has completed 3010KL sales, the current meeting in line with sales expectations. At the same time, the product won many awards for packaging design at home and abroad, including: Italy A Design Award Design Platinum Award (Nobel in the European design industry); US One Show Gold Pencil·Winner (Global Advertising Creatives High Award), Pentawards Gold Award (""Oscar"" in the global design world); National Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (German Official Design Award), etc. Ingenuity building products were officially launched in August 2018, positioning high-end and high-end segments. After being launched in August, there was no promotion resource support, and the sales volume of 3010kl had been completed by the end of November, which met the sales expectation in the current period. At the same time, the product has won a number of packaging design awards at home and abroad, mainly including: Italian a design award Platinum Award (European design industry ""Nobel""); American one show gold pencil winning award (global advertising creative personnel high award), pentawards Gold Award (global design industry ""Oscar""); German Federal Republic National Design Award (German highest ranking design) Award and so on"

Marking Functional Award 2020 (Structure & Material Design Category)

NameRaimaijon Sugarcane Juice

InstitutionPrompt Design


Create a new packaging for Thai Sugarcane Industry. This packaging design is to give sugarcane lovers a whole new experience through a literalist graphic design. The packaging designed to simulate the look, feel and texture of the sugarcane flavour contained inside.

Also, the bottle shape and size have been designed to allow the bottle to snap-fit and stack on top of one another. When looking from a distance this design is wholly distinctive on the shelf and easy recognition for the customers.

A beverage package with a distinctive form. Making use of the motif of sugarcane, ingredient of the beverage, the communication is very clear. The user can enjoy an experience like drinking directly from a sugarcane. The optional function of stacking is unique and an actual sugarcane appears as stacking proceeds. Raimaijon sugarcane juice sold out within 1 week. The customers' feedback reflected their surprise and impressions of the design look like real nature.

NameNon-Ddetachable Tamper-Evidentt, and Bi-injected Infant Formula Closure

InstitutionAptar Group


Our Product development & innovation team work together to solve the current pain points regarding temper evidence for the infant milk formula and difficult to have differentiation: 1.Temper evident is not very visible . It is not easy to identify whether the product has been open or not. 2.The Temper evident may fall into the container which will contaminate the milk powder. There will be the risk that the falling TE being swallowed by children by mistake; 3.The dropped temper evident is easily to be discarded randomly, not environmental – friendly. 4.Current infant formula closure is mostly monotony, with little difference, and it is difficult to stand out on the shelf.

We leverage our innovative technologies such as Non-detachable temper-evident system and Bi-injected technology to solve the pain points of consumer & customer.

Aptar's environmentally friendly, non-detachable tamper-evident system is a unique design conveying quality. It is easy for consumers to spot and identify. The tamper-evident chip serves as a visual indicator of whether or not the product has already been opened, providing peace of mind to consumers. When the product is opened for the first time, the tamper-evident piece drops into a slot in the closure, decreasing the possibility of it falling into the container, and contaminating the product. This innovative tamper evidence, along with the ergonomically designed opening and audible "click!", promote a safer and easier experience for parents, grandparents, and guardians. Aptar's bi-injection technology adds a premium appearance to the package, breaking up the monotony of current infant formula closures. Along with its elegantly simple functionality, the closure is designed to match the overall packaging design, while highlighting the brand image, label, and market position.

Marking Prospective Award 2020 (Structure & Material Design Category)

NameSecret Yogurt



EF]Yogurt market competition is fierce, how to win as a late brand?[BACKGROUND]As a domestic regional yoghurt group, the group has a certain popularity in Henan and central China, but how to compete with Mengniu, Yili and other national brands and the first brand on the way to national market development? In order to improve the brand image and create better market performance, the brand upgrading plan was carried out in 2019.Through competitive product analysis (different brands of the same category), the market share, sales, distribution channels, competitive advantages and consumer characteristics of this foreign flavor yoghurt are explored in depth from online and offline dimensions. At the same time, we also start from the yoghurt itself, from the product shape, flavor, color, ingredient content, as well as brand story, online image, TA^s favorite media platform for comprehensive integration and packaging.

1.Symbolization : The yogurt market had diversified products frequently. The client hoped that the newly developed special flavor product line (new Russian flavor yogurt) could be fully shaped from its name, packaging form, packaging KV(two lines of normal and cold chain), outer packing, branding KV to brand story.2.Upgrading high-end product line : Refrigerated yoghurt with higher nutrition, and upgrading brand image, to position the high price yogurt market.3.For this Russian and Greek style yogurt, we took the landmark buildings of Russia and Greece as the inspiration, mixed the color of yogurt and foreign buildings. The cold chain version used a unique packaging shape and top cover, so that consumers could feel the exotic style of the product at a glance. The normal version was shaped in portable Tetra Classic.

1.Drving sales : This series product achieved 66.5% increasing on e-commerce channel, and 28.5% increasing on overall offline channels.2.Overall strategy upgrading the product, accomplishing the VI on design and structure of the bottle.

Marking Visual Award 2020 (Product Design Category)




Oriental tea itself is very particular about the origin,this series of products is mainly the origin of tea,customers want to tell the story of the origin by packaging, and resonate with consumers. 

We have sorted out the commonalities of different places of origin.Each country of origin has its own unique cultural totems, such as the dragons of Wuyishan Jiulong, the South China Tiger of Fujian,the Yunnan Peacock, the elk of the Deer Valley of Taiwan,and the Indian elephant.Through the discovery and refinement of the historical and cultural totem of each tea's origin,it is drawn in the form of Chinese meticulous brush,combined with bronzing and stimuli,and is vivid.The new collection adds orange edges,enhances brand recognition and enhances shelf recognition.

After reshaping this series of packaging, it became the brand's classic series.It is popular in the gift channel. Compared with the previous generation packaging,the data that can be seen is that the new packaging sales have increased by more than 25%.

NameFort Hamilton Rye Whiskey



The client had big ambitions in the spirits category and approached us with the opportunity to create a new and truly distinctive brand visual identity in the otherwise saturated world of craft and rye whiskeys. With a plethora of brands already in the market, we were up for the challenge of creating a new rye whiskey that would stand out against the rest. We challenged generic craft codes and sought to disrupt the category with a new point of view, born from an authentic American story. 

Through our extensive research and immersion process, we identified our client’s passionate spirit of defiance and rebellion as the inspirational platform for our new whiskey brand. And after scouring historical documents relating to the man, we found our hook – Hamilton’s original uncompromising militia, the ‘Hearts of Oak’, who in 1775, orchestrated a daring raid in lower Manhattan. The collaboration process was one of kindred spirits, in which the challenger spirit of our agency naturally resonated with the challenger spirit of the new brand and its owner. We crafted the story of the new brand together, leveraging the owner’s expertise in craft whiskey and our expertise in branding from start to finish. We involved print partners throughout the process to ensure technical feasibility as we looked for complex and intricate hot foiling techniques that would truly bring the brand visual identity to life. Capturing the raw, unabashed patriotism of the American Revolution, the era was brought to life with detailed storytelling and intricate illustrations, each one depicting a real moment in the revolt against the British - a celebration of unconquerable spirit and a tribute to the art of war, with a depth of storytelling that makes Fort Hamilton distinct and unique in the category. We knew that bespoke finishes and materials were critical in order to make Fort Hamilton truly stand out. The intricate detail of the meticulously crafted cannon and battle scene is brought to life with copper foiling against a blue-green background, borrowing from rye whiskey category codes, while also being reminiscent of the American Revolution era. Meanwhile the hand-lettered type is inspired by the military insignias and signage of the time and flanked by filigree, with the challenger mindset and Hamilton’s untiring spirit further reinforced by the rallying call for ‘Liberty or Death’. The result is a distinctive new whiskey brand that celebrates a historic display of unconquerable spirit and blends the old world of fierce revolution with the new world of revolutionary craft. 

The product was launched as a boutique product in the most competitive liquor market in the world, with limited marketing and a limited quantity. In just over a year, the new rye whiskey brand went from 0 to over 150 targeted accounts in addition to securing distribution in four states. With a very small marketing budget, the brand has relied on the packaging and branding to do all the work for them, and it has done so emphatically. Time after time, during in-store tastings and trade events, people are instantly attracted to the label, which leads to a conversation about the product and brand story, which ultimately leads to conversion. The founder said: “The dedication and creativity of the agency team in bringing this brand to life has been nothing short of inspirational. Their exquisitely crafted design already has retailers clamoring to stock the product, and their expert packaging knowledge ensured that the print and structural production processes felt effortlessly efficient. With such fierce competition all around, the spirits category itself can sometimes feel like a battlefield. Faced with that challenge, this design agency is the talented, tenacious band I’d always want by my side!”

Utobeera is a Fruit beer IPA brand focusing on top-class fruit beer. The brand is hatched by a Germany Brand XXX which has a factory in Handan.The brand intends to lead the trend of Solid consumer of IPA and new-coming consumers born after 1990 or even 2000. The limited edtion tends to express the core value of the brand within a unique way. 

We named the brand“Utobeera”, inspired by the word“Utopia”, which shows the value of the brand : equality, human rights, diverse, unique and love. We Used four famous figure on Art history and turn them into a tipsy illustration style “Psychedelic Art”. They are hat man by Rene Maggritte, a Princess figure from famous fairy tale, the god of alcohol Bacchus and The god of Longevity in China. In every original works there is a fruit and we replace the fruit to make it more interesting. (like the original apple in Magritte’s painting is replaced by a lemon). The “Robot snap” in brand logo is also merged in the illustration. The whole design has a strong hint on Cyber Punk Culture, which tends to attract cool young consumers and reflect the digital and incredible age. 

The brand will launch in Shanghai, and it already gets great response in advanced booking.

NamePizza Express Redesign



Our brief was to redesign the client¨s -At Home¨ retail range packaging, as part of a -One Brand¨ strategy designed to attract more of its restaurant customers, while driving reappraisal from both new and existing consumers. The client is an iconic brand, loved by many for its dining experience and great tasting pizza. Its brand positioning -Sharing true passions since 1965¨, reflects its strong heritage and spirit of the brand. It is a premium mainstream brand that has a presence in both high street and restaurant.Our main objectives were: Deliver a consistent retail and visual brand identity to attract restaurant customer Bring to life the passion, flair and taste of the restaurant experience -At Home¨ Entice new consumers through stronger shelf visibility Deliver premium packaging to justify the higher price point and encourage purchase off-promotion Create a tiered design system for classic and premium ranges, future-proofed for NPD and brand expansion Deliver clear, ownable flavor navigation at a range level Ensure a consistent visual identity across multiple ranges including pizza, bread, pasta and dressings.We wanted to create a strong masterbrand proposition to capture the heritage and exuberance of the brand¨s -Sharing true passions since 1965¨ positioning, while leveraging the warmth, passion and artisanal detailing of the restaurant experience. 

We identified -Social Life Jugglers¨ as our key audience  sociable, outgoing consumers who seek quality convenience, prefer food with a story and view taste and freshness as paramount.A category audit then identified -flavor and originality¨ as the most promising area to play in, while our Borrow & Build tool guided us to cut through the brand¨s accumulated visual assets to focus on those which held the most power.Our -Food with Flair¨ creative platform inspired a revolutionary design that unapologetically heroes the client¨s branding, with handwritten flavor typography for authenticity and easy range navigation.A key challenge in the brief was to clearly differentiate standard (Classic) pizzas from the premium (Romana) range. We achieved this with a black palette and variant colored typography for Romana products, elevated by silver foiling and matt and gloss varnishes.For the Classic range, boldly colored backgrounds reflect flavor variants, creating a sea of color that extends to pasta, bread and dressings, with dressings getting extra punch via cap sleeves with iconic stripes.Shunning category norms, we also significantly reduced the product window on the pizza packaging, instead using mouth-watering photography to showcase that these pizzas contain the same fresh, delicious ingredients enjoyed in the brand¨s restaurants. 

The relaunch delivered 15% value and 17% volume growth across the range in the crucial 12 weeks post relaunch  that¨s 1.15m more pizzas sold and £2.78m in additional revenue.The client¨s bread ranges also enjoyed success with 5.6% increased value and 3.2% volume growth in the 10 weeks post relaunch.Importantly, increased sales have been driven by new shoppers, with a 12.6% penetration increase attributed to the wider appeal of easier range navigation plus new access to Tesco¨s huge consumer base - a listing unlocked primarily by the impactful new Romana design. Volume of pizza purchased has also risen by 1.7% per shopper, with frequency up by 2%.A key objective of the relaunch was to increase cross-purchase within the brand¨s portfolio, which has been achieved in conjunction with a joined-up promotion and marketing approach. Compared to pre relaunch, 634,020 more shoppers per year now choose the brand¨s side of bread to go with their pizza - that¨s a huge increase of 394%.In the 12 weeks following relaunch, the client saw growth in off-deal sales across the market - with the redesign playing a key role in eliminating the need for price promotion. The relaunch has also been integral to achieving the brand¨s ambitious growth targets, already adding £10.85 million additional retail sales since the time of briefing.Perhaps the most impressive contributor to the brand’s increased distribution - and evidence of our future-proofed thinking - is the logical new design system, which allows the speedy rollout of NPD to new distribution channels in a way previously inaccessible to the brand. Capitalizing on new occasions, consumers and retailers has so far contributed £5.3m incremental growth to the brand, with more new products in the pipeline.

NameLöwen white beerbottel

InstitutionChina Resources Snow Breweries Co., Ltd.


Our goal is to design a personalized beer for young customers who is willing to taste various types of beers. This beer is a brand new turbid-type white beer. We wish it would be able to have great influence on those people who often drinks alone, helping them break the gap between strangers and enjoy their drinking. 

"We chose brown on the beer bottle, and made rich and bold imagination on the package illustration. You will see the different expressions of two lions, which convey people's emotional expressions before and after drinking, that is, restraint and enthusiasm, just like the two people in face-to-face communication. The moderate white space has formed a good visual buffer. The simple color matching of blue and white also neutralizes the complex texture of sketch and copperplate illustration, and makes this beer more refined and high-end. In the research and development of beer bottles, we have experimented and investigated the market for many times and brewed with professional methods. The unique centrifugation technology keeps the rich protein, and the beer is as turbid as mist. In taste, we add orange peel and coriander seed to form a unique flavor. Select light malt strictly, the beer is more tasty, the bitterness is moderate, and the taste is mellow." 

"The product will be officially launched in December 2019. The packaging design of the product won the if design award of Germany in 2019 and a design gold award of Italy in 2019. The product was launched in July 2019. Once it was launched, it was very popular with consumers. The sales evaluation of e-commerce was 100% favorable. Consumers liked the packaging and taste of the product very much."

Best Design of Business Value 2020 (Product Design Category)


InstitutionBackbone Branding


The main challenge for us was to find a way to make the consumption of breakfast an appealing act for kids. As we know, most children try by all means to avoid the first meal of the day, knowing that breakfast is essential in order to kick start the day, we had to come up with an interesting design that makes the eating process fun. In other words, to transform it to a moment that the child will look forward to when he or she wakes up every morning. 

We all know that more than anything a child loves to play. So, our main goal was to transform the usual jam eating process into a playful activity, a daily ritual that is interactive, exciting and fun. In order to achieve this, we had to come up with a new concept for the packaging, something that modifies the way the child usually perceives jam. 

We structured our packaging concept based on a painter's palette. Easy to hold, with five small jars, the size of each being the recommended sugar portion of a child's daily intake of jam. These flavorful jams (strawberry, fig, pumpkin, peach and feijoa) act as the colorful paint that allow the imagination of our little artists run wild on a piece of canvas made out of toast and a spoon acting as a paintbrush. 

The name and branding are simple and direct reflecting the fun spirited concept of the packaging design. With this packaging, eating jam becomes a creative art task and an exciting daily ritual.

NameLind & Lime Gin



"With a fabulous Oloroso sherry already designed, packaged and released and ongoing planning, designing and creating of the new permanent brand home – a multimillion pound 10 storey high distillery soon to be seen rising from the shore at Leith docks, Edinburgh, Scotland – it was time for our client to perfect a gin that reflected the history of its geography."

"From their temporary Tower Street Stillhouse, close to a host of modern-day businesses and luxury enterprises where ancient merchant and naval ships once sailed and traded, connections to local history are abundant. While working as a surgeon in 1747 onboard HMS Salisbury, Edinburgh born Dr. James Lind proved the consumption of citrus fruits to be the most beneficial remedy against scurvy. This became a revelation for the health and welfare of Royal Navy seamen and was enhanced by Leith shipyard owner Lauchlin Rose – who had been importing limes from the West Indies – when he patented a process to preserve lime juice to keep it fresh on board for months. Lind and Lime gin became a perfect maritime tribute. Leith’s shores were once home to a plethora of industries which is where inspiration has been drawn for the design and detail applied to the bespoke bottle and packaging of Lind & Lime Gin. The conical chimneys from the Edinburgh and Leith Glass Works once could be seen rising above sea-level; the inspiration for our strong, elegant, long necked bottle with its unique shape and embossed depiction to this factory stamped firmly at its base.

"We specified half white glass with its translucent light green hue to epitomise the citrus tones of the gin. Having the opportunity to develop a bespoke bottle silhouette with the glass manufacturer gives us the chance to create a true stand out; we’ve also used the negative space around the bottle to its advantage – allowing it the space to breathe when lined up along the back-bar with its peers, it illuminates its presence. The labels’ substrate is a subtle cord embossed paper, running in tandem with the circumference of the bottle; the simple bold linear typeface compliments the ridge and furrow lines running down the bottle that bounce light like braking waves. The finishing touch of the neck label over the stopper, stamped with pride our recently crafted client's mark and an epitaph to Dr. Lind – where it all began, as a natural remedy that is now respected as a perfect storm in a gin & tonic.

NameDonut Drip Bag Coffee



Solve the professional restrictions on brewing ordinary hanging ear coffee, and strive to make the filter hanging coffee more accessible to the people and lower the threshold.

The donut filter coffee bag adopts a hemispherical filter bag design, which makes the coffee extraction more balanced during the brewing process. No professional equipment or technology is needed. Ordinary users can also make good coffee flavor. The visual design uses sweet The concept of donuts strives to make the ordinary black coffee more sensory and fun.

The concept of donuts is colorful and interesting, making the entire coffee bag full of contrasting colors and lively feelings. Within a month of launching the Little Donut Follicle Coffee, it quickly circled young people, a large number of KOL full-grown grasses, and Tmall. Within one month of opening the store, it achieved TOP1 of daily sales of hanging ear products.


InstitutionPepsiCo Design & Innovation



The impetus behind the design of the Drinkfinity platform was to solve for a shift in today’s beverage market. Consumers are moving beyond single use plastic bottles and sugary beverages to options that offer cleaner, low calorie flavors and, in parallel, adopting reusable bottles for improved sustainability and hydration.


Drinkfinity developed an innovative bottle and pod hydration system that empowers the consumer to hydrate more sustainably while also offering the option to create flavorful, functional beverages. The 20-ounce, stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle silhouette is distinctive and instantly recognizable. This design is a direct visual of the innovation it encompasses. The spherical cap at the apex of the bottle celebrates the core ritual of popping the pod, and through its range of bold and contrasting colors, the bottle helps consumers connect with it in a more emotional way, adopting it as their daily hydration sidekick.

The aim of Drinkfinity is to become a responsible beverage brand and as a part of this vision, is committed to offering consumers a range of great-tasting beverages while making its packaging more sustainable and fueling future growth. The Drinkfinity pod is smaller and more concentrated, it is compartmentalized to house both dry and liquid ingredients without water making it far more portable and as a result easier to ship. You can recycle all your used pods through the Loop recycle program. Mail up to 30 used pods at a time directly to Loop Industries — at no additional cost to you.


Drinkfinity has created a new beverage category. It fulfills a certain need for those who feel that water is “boring” by offering an alternative. This alternative features a flavor enhanced low-calorie beverage with a reusable water bottle. Drinkfinity offers nine distinct flavor profiles across three different functions; electrolyte, vitamin and caffeine pods.

Compared to a typical disposable 20-ounce bottle beverage, a Pod uses up to 65%** less plastic and as a result requires 64% less plant space to produce. Pods use 27%** less water and emit 32%** less greenhouse gas emissions, in part because it takes 7 times** fewer trucks to deliver them.
Life Cycle Assessment of Drinkfinity vs. a 20-ounce comparable beverage implemented by Franklin & Associates and peer reviewed.

Marking Communication Award 2020 (Brand Full Case Design Category)

NameLuxerose Goddess Cocktail Collection, defined by memories

InstitutionTouchpoint CC


Unforgettable and often life-altering moments are the ones that inspired Luxerose. Luxerose wants to develop something attractive,unique,and difficult to duplicate, something easy to scale for flavours introduced in the future.We then kept the focus on being memorable,fun and something that is irresistible and enticing to be picked up.After 6 months market research and brainstorming meetings,we developed the branding and marketing position which aims at the young,millennial female audiences. We blurred the lines between high-end, premium alcohol and aspirational brands in cosmetic and lifestyle markets.Luxerose,defined by memories. 

Targeting at young female audience and millennials, who are already in the workplace and worked their way up by hard-working spirit and independent attitude. They are fearless and modern, however there are occasions they need to have unpleasant social drinks i.e. stinging and fiery spirit, dull wine or other cheap alcohol. These do not represent who they are and their lifestyle. Let's face it, millennials are a generation of convenience. Everyone aged between 22 and 37 knows exactly what they want, and they know they want it NOW. They want elegance, fun and memories. Revolutionising the beverage industry with their range of cocktails housed in super chic (not to mention, convenient) test-tubes, Luxerose is fast becoming the new go-to when it comes to entertaining your friends on a Saturday night.?These vials are contained within a presentation case decorated bespoke design. This new way of enjoying cocktails brings a new dynamic to any social event. 

We initiated Luxerose KOL marketing strategy, connecting the brand with celebrities, fashion icons, models, social media KOLs and successfully engaging the brand with consumers from various aspects which successfully stimulated the consumptive appetite of people. Luxerose is fast becoming the new go-to when it comes to parties and friends gatherings.?Luxerose Auckland case has won a number of awards including the World Brand Design awards, and reported by a number of worldwide media including Luxerose Goddess case has also been widely recognised, and entered the mass production. Its debut is expected at 2019 CIIE.

NameLazzy Burger Easy and fast dining experience



Burger category is often presented as fast food, fast, cheap, standardized and always tagged as junk?food in common knowledge. 

The disadvantages under the special business model shouldn’t become the bias?to the category. This brand makes high quality products worthy of recollection with?healthy and outstanding food ingredients ever since the founding. We created the unique spelling of Lazzy to the brand that uses the graffiti letter L as the brand identity to express the desirable lazy and relax lifestyle?under a fast-paced life.

We made the brand stood out of the inherent category impression and delivered a sense of healthier light meal experience by design.

NameHui Liu Gua Pian



How to increase sales and promote the development of the whole Guapian tea industry for the time-honored brand?Set up the objectives of brand upgrading:1、1. Expand the market of Guapian tea;2. Reinforce the Hui Liu brand. 

1. Propose the "brand slogan": "Time-honored brand, Just drink it!"2. Take advantage of "baking" and subdivide the category: "Green Tea baking by 3 roasts";3. Take the third unique roasting "skill" as the brand "badge", and the "bamboo basket" used for roasting as the product "modeling".4. Choose "azure", the impression color of Anhui, as the brand color to do color "differentiation".5、Clarify purchase reasons and product classification, sort out the inconsistent and outdated packaging, unify the products under the "traditional" strategy system, reduce the cost of customer choice.6、 Emphasize "color recognition" and "process recognition" to arouse consumers^ cravings for Guanpian tea, hoping to foster the daily drink habit of tea. 

During the brand building process, the strategy is "traditional" visualization, tradition is "craft" visualization, craftsmanship is "badge" visualization, badge is "packaging" visualization, packaging is "advertising" visualization, and advertising is "indoor" visualization, all the visualizations finally form one "thing". All links complement each other to form a brand “moat”, deepening the brand awareness among consumers.

NameBama Tea

InstitutionKL&K DESIGN


By inheriting the spirit of tea culture and the persistence in high-quality tea, we inherit the traditional tea making spirit from generation to generation, and are committed to the rejuvenation of national tea. At present, domestic tea industry is characterized as large market volume and various tea brand. With the continuous innovation of categories, the product homogenization is serious and the market is scattered, and customers lock in the market demand for business gifts, hence, it is urgent to produce new type of high-quality cultural business tea. From building brand value, packaging design, and implementing to the design of brand space storefront, the design team has formed a closed-loop experience from brand to the experience of end users. Our customers are dedicated to Tieguanyin (a variety of oolong tea), looking for tea making leaders of all major categories in China, and supervising every tea making process. There are many kinds of gift tea on the market, and the products in the market emerge in endlessly from high-end large pieces to exquisite small cans aiming at all kinds of consumer segments. The existing problem is that how can the brand break through from the fierce competition?

Businessman has always been the core group of gift tea in the consumption market. Combined with the pursuit of high-quality tea of Bama Tea, the goal is to create a high-quality cultural tea that can the value demand of “dignity, diversity and convenience” when consumers give gifts. It is not only the tea made under supervision of the master, but also the high-end cultural tea given to the chief of the enterprise. The token originated from the tiger-shaped tally used by the ancient Chinese army to give orders, which is the embodiment of the user’s status. According to the characteristics of exclusive category of each tea, the design team refined the exclusive elements of each tea and combined with the token, so that each tea has an intuitive graphic memory. And, [Royal seal means signet, while signet means credit], as a must elegant plaything for literati and scholars, seal is the guarantee to ensure the quality of tea from tea garden to tea cup and the whole industrial chain system for customers.

Compact can type is a portable tea elegant plaything for business trip and mutual gift presentation between friends. The aluminium film and the can body lock each wisp of tea fragrance, which is a tea etiquette for guests. As a new type of social tea, a variety of tea products can be available for consumers. People can take a drink by themselves or use them as presents for guests.

Best Design of Business Value 2020 (Brand Full Case Design Category)

NameFIX8 Kombucha

InstitutionB&B studio


FIX8 is a brand new Kombucha beverage. Available as a range of three core flavours – Triple Ginger, Strawberry Tulsi and Citrus Saffron, it is presented in glass bottles. In a category filled with borrowed design codes from categories including beer, tea and medicine, we were challenged with creating the first Kombucha brand that truly captures the product’s essence and the lifestyle of its target consumer. We were challenged with creating the brand from scratch, working on brand positioning, brand naming and tone of voice, identity design, bottle label design, brand communications and merchandise.

"We strategically positioned the brand around the idea of ‘positive addiction’, appealing to the core Kombucha consumers who are often devoted to their fitness, wellness and healthy lifestyles. Our ultimate goal was to create a truly exciting and fresh visual language for Kombucha that really expresses what FIX8 is about.Bold, vivid colours and graphics express the energizing sensation of FIX8 and the literal buzz that Kombucha brings. A direct tone of voice combined with the graphic, layered imagery evokes an obsessive, addictive sensation that’s irresistibly intense and visceral. This new brand creation uniquely captures the kombucha experience and the result extends beyond the bottle design into the complete brand world. "

FIX8 launched commercially in October 2018 and is now stocked across many independent health food shops, cafés, gyms, yoga studios and Planet Organic stores. Despite being a new brand, FIX8’s design has positioned it as a credible and important player, creating new and relevant visual codes for the category. In line with cultural shifts towards sophisticated non-alcohol drinks and functional craft cocktails, FIX8 is attracting renowned mixologists such as Ago, head bartender at London’s Connaught, and Maxim, head bartender at the Savoy. These influential mixologists want to partner with FIX8, demonstrating its growing cultural relevance in the adult soft drink space.

NameThe Story Of Chuaner



On the basis of food drama IP of B station, we need to inherit the original brand essence of "compelling copy + characteristic food materials + pyrotechnics" in the drama, to endue new vitality and bring different feelings to young consumers. 

In the design of brand materials, we reserved more features of the original play. The featured dishes drawn with illustrations enhanced the visual feeling of the brand, and meanwhile blended in the sense of pyrotechnics. In the materials surrounding the culture, we have done more boldly, adding more vitality to the brand with national style painting style and creative design, and winning the recognition of young consumers. 

The young brand image has attracted a lot of post-90s and post-00s consumers to offline stores, which has brought a large flow of people. At the same time the interesting peripheral material, increased the brand further dissemination. The work was published on and scored 9 points.

NameAvgoulakia (Eggs)

InstitutionA.S. Advertising


When you want to taste a classic product in an unexpected way, you need unexpected packaging, a great logo and an imaginative website that make a 'tasty' difference… According to the brief we were given, that's what we had to create for this brand (egg packaging / for the Greek market): a creative concept that could convey the uniqueness of the brand in a modern and playful way, and merge the magic of high-quality eggs with the magic of branding.

The chicken or the egg dilemma is commonly stated as “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” - well, in this case... the chickens definitely steal the show! Enchanted by the power of stories and tales, we created a visual narrative… about 3 special chickens / heroines; Captain Mahe for free-range eggs, Madame Coco for bio eggs and Miss Nelly for barn-laid eggs. That's how we added a human touch: a touch that implies the high quality of the brand!

The branding has had an immense impact on the success of the product since it gets consumers' attention and is considered as really eye-catching by the majority of them. The vivid, fun, modern approach (unusual for the egg sector / industry in the Greek market) has made the difference and a striking visual statement!




Mark Anthony Brands approached Pearlfisher with the strategic vision of creating a premium Canadian whisky brand for a modern consumer. Working in close collaboration throughout the entire process, Pearlfisher brought this vision to life, creating the brand identity and brand world for innovative new challenger and Canadian whisky brand, BEARFACE.Unlike other whisky categories, Canadian whisky is not bound by the same stringent regulations and therefore has the opportunity to be much more progressive, as reflected in BEARFACE’s mission to ‘HIDE NOTHING, FEAR NOTHING’, and its dedication to developing an exceptional whisky by challenging norms. BEARFACE is crafted to create truly unique blends transforming how consumers experience Canadian whisky, and offering a way into whisky for a new consumer that speaks to their age, creativity and contemporary worldview. For the brand’s first release, BEARFACE Triple Oak, the single grain 7-year-old whisky is first aged in American ex-bourbon oak barrels then in French oak casks that previously contained high-end Bordeaux wines, and finally finished with three-year-old air-dried virgin Hungarian oak– a first for the Canadian whisky category – providing spicy notes and a rich texture. 

BEARFACE is a whisky that is breaking new ground with bold ideas and a confidence to redefine the norm it is an indisputably inventive, creative and collaborative brand. The big idea was about transforming a tired category that had lost its way, versus the ambition set out by its forefathers around innovation and versatility – hence the name ‘BEARFACE’ which, brought to life the ethos, bold personality and desire to lift the veil on the process behind Canadian whisky. Behind BEARFACE are a group of people who are proud of opening up what’s unique about them and passionate about reinventing the Canadian whisky category. Ultimately, the new brand and everything it stands for challenges convention – from driving innovation in taste exploration, to the central idea of embracing collaboration and endless curiosity at heart. 

The new brand identity evokes the adventurous, raw and honest spirit of modern Canada – and its people – found in every drop of BEARFACE whisky. Inspired by the power and bravery of the bear, a clawmark features on the unique bottle design forming the core brand mark. It’s emotive and immediate, and supports both the core brand lock-up and comes to life across the brand’s key assets including website, posters, wooden shipping containers, barrels and coasters. The warm and inviting palette is inspired by the colours of the Canadian landscape, as well as making subtle reference to Canada’s national colour. Bold typography, authentic illustrations and patterns are based on marks made from hand-chiselling wood and have been transferred digitally to preserve a crafted aesthetic with a more modernised look and feel. Meanwhile, lifestyle photography feels energetic and shot from the hip – with a focus on urban Canada and the modern Canadian spirit, representing the brand’s target audience and the brand’s ‘HIDE NOTHING, FEAR NOTHING’ mentality.

Marking Concept Award 2020


InstitutionBackbone Branding


Taking into account the great variety of dairy products and its abundance on the retail shelves nowadays, eye-catching design and unique selling proposition of a product are an absolute necessity to stand out in the competition. Now, imagine seeing a fully BLACK bottle on the all-WHITE milk shelf in the store. Introducing: “Unblackit”. 

“Unblackit” is a milk product presented in a transparent glass bottle wrapped in a black paper. Black-packaged bottle standing on a shelf next to the other dairy products sparks intrigue and pushes the customer to find out the mystery of a black bottle on the commonly all-white milk shelf. The intrigue continues when you take the product home and start unwrapping the bottle. The stylized black spots appearing along the glass are intended to depict the same spots on a milking cow. The technology of it is perforated paper with sticky spots. The process of unwrapping or “unblackiting” is the last step of the packaging design that also becomes the naming idea of the product. The typography of the logo has also been developed to fit the same cow pattern style. Glass bottle was chosen as the best suitable option for containing milk. This is due to its superior ability to keep the product fresh, on top of its aesthetic appeal of transparency and crystal cleanliness. As a result, we have created an interactive product with a unique customer experience. A design solution with a strong merchandising feature and game factor, as well as its unique form of presentation, gives the product the competitive advantage, used for successful introduction to the market.

NameB-ing Flower Drink 

InstitutionPrompt Design


The package design is fun and novel,the format is intriguing. The "opening” of the package is not only taking out the pods,but popping them out,which makes the opening more interactive and interesting.

The framework uses recyclable material. Being visually pleasing,it can be re-used as pencil case or container after the product has been consumed.The exterior portion of the package is comprised of a bendable silicon structure framework and a transparent box. The framework secures the 6 coffee pods within. Coffee pods poking out of the cub framework gives it a full or overflowing look,which conveys the product’s bursting bubbles’ unique trait.The framework format can be made into different shapes. Depending on the number of coffee pods or the ideal framework shape,it can be made into rectangle,strip,larger cube or circular or cross shaped for holidays or special occasions.At the same time,different colors can be used for the framework,together with the coffee pods,creating endless possibilities of color combinations.

NameEnvironmental friendly milk tea 

InstitutionFanso Design


At present, the existing milk tea drinks usually need to be packed in plastic bags when they are packed and taken out. As a result, the white pollution is aggravated, which is not in line with the concept of environmental protection. We hope to improve this problem by redesigning the sealing film of milk tea cup. 

The circular sealing film of the traditional milk tea cup is changed into a square, and more cutting is carried out to form a folding handle. On the one hand, thin film materials can be fully utilized; on the other hand, to achieve the purpose of portability. In general, we aim to reduce the use of packaging materials and practice the concept of environmental protection.

Marking Awards 2020

NameTea language · architecture

InstitutionQiu Xinyan, Yu Jiahong-LuXun Academy of Fine Arts


Tea culture has a long history. We have reformed and innovated the traditional plastic cover of tea bag, and endowed the tea package with a new meaning -- beautiful and generous lid. When people drink tea, it ACTS as a cup lid and ensures the cleanliness of tea bags. Many things come from a cup of tea, such as a story, a history, a country^s cultural fragments. Therefore, tea bag elements are combined with the cultures of various countries. Three countries are selected as representatives: China - oolong tea, Germany - scented tea and India - Assam black tea. The roofs of landmark buildings in different countries are selected to extract their characteristics so that people will feel as if they are in the scene while drinking tea, and also appreciate the national culture with unique charm.

We have reformed and innovated the traditional plastic cover of tea bag, and endowed the tea package with a new meaning -- beautiful and generous lid. When people drink tea, it ACTS as a cup lid and ensures the cleanliness of tea bags.

NameGrain n Cool - Daily Combined Breakfast Set

InstitutionCheng Qibin-Dalian University of Technology


The brand name is Grain n Cool, indicating that the main ingredient of the product is grain. Which shows a value of healthy and weight controling. The whole design is inspired when I'm having my breakfast. Mordern days are fast-pased, but people need a good health to keep up, so the interesting packaging and simlified graphics express a convinient way of gaining quality nutrition everyday. 

The general graphic language is SIMPLE, which corresponds with the main value of the brand. The two seperate parts of the package it self contain two defferent products, which enriches customers' breakfast variety and choices. different days within a week corresponds with a different color gives customers a impetus to keep having breakfast every day.


InstitutionChen Xin-Dalian University of Technology


I found in the life experience that instant coffee does not have the inconvenience of a stirring rod during brewing. We think that this problem can be solved on the packaging. Therefore, the packaging of the instant coffee is transformed into a spoon shape so that it can be taken during brewing Use it as a stir stick, combining the shape of the spoon with the brand's logo to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers.

1. Transform the packaging of instant coffee into the shape of a spoon so that it can be used as a stir bar during brewing, and combine the shape of the spoon with the brand's logo to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers; 2 When selling or displaying, a special display method combines the brand logo with the packaging. Large eyes and bright colors can leave a deep impression on consumers; 3. Specially, drink a portion of instant coffee. The best condition description is placed on the reverse side of the package, so that consumers can see the best drinking conditions at a glance when the seal is opened; 4. The use of texture and color not only distinguishes the different instant coffee flavor categories, but also increases The aesthetics of coffee packaging; 5. Eyelashes on the packaging are the protrusions that consumers use to tear open the packaging.

NameBeijing impression Beer packaging

InstitutionPan Zhe-Beijing University of Technology


My understanding of the impression of new Beijing is to try to present the characteristics found in life as authentic as possible. In the design, the upper right corner and the lower left corner are respectively in a state of contraction and expansion, implying the integration of ancient and modern. 

Work on sensory design biggest characteristic is the unity of the packing elements and concise, the color is choose the ancient classic colors, xiangshan red maple leaf as background, the selected typical stone lions, Buddha incense, the classic element such as Peking Opera, swift, my understanding of the new Beijing impression is authentic as far as possible will be found in the life characteristics, design in the top right corner and the lower left corner to make the contract and open state, the significance of the fusion of ancient and modern.

NameDear Aroma Pancake

InstitutionPeng Jiayin-Dalian University of Technology


"What would remind you home far away? Hot pancakes on dinner table, or joyful laughter by the side. Letter papers to write on, or the tears drop by.Yet words can be sent to the place I miss,I wonder how far my thoughts can get.May the smell of home that pancakes bring , will make you feel being with me tonight." 

"With letters as the carrier, the concept of?’family letter’?and?’thoughts’?is creatively integrated into the packaging design of pancakes. The overall selection of paper packaging highlights the soft texture and environmental protection concept. The color selection is more gentle, elegant, and combined with the impression color of grains. "


InstitutionYang Yueyue, Shen Yin-Illinois Institute of Technology & Delft University of Technology


Milk tea has become part of life of Chinese young generation. During the process of making the milk tea (with the powder), there is hygiene problem of using the sticker or spoon to stir the milk tea as it may have contact with other things before putting it in the water. And the plastic sticker will be thrown away after they finish milk tea. These problems inspires us to consider how might we to keep the hygiene of sticker reuse the sticker afterwards through design.

Stirollipop is a product targeting at young generation. Its is a product that combines the stirring sticker with the powder package to avoid other possible contaminating contact with the sticker. The form is designed as a lollipop as lollipop and milk tea are all symbols of fun and joy which improves user experience in the process. The customer can collect different color of the stickers and play a game they all played in the childhood called pick the sticker ( pick the same color sticker from all scattered on the table without moving any other sticker).

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