Entrant Group

Design agencies, brand owners, packaging companies, advertising agencies are all welcomed to enter.
Entry Category

Label Design
Structure and Material Design
Product Design
Brand Full Case Design
graphic design of the label innovative packaging structures or materials, e.g. bottle cap, stand-up pouches, plant-based plastics, etc. overall packaging design from structure to label a series of brand’s visual identification system, including logo, promotion materials, product package, online exposure, space display, advertisement, etc. Entry for this category should include at least 3 sectors.

Judging Criteria

visual effect, color usage, shelf/e-commerce platform display image, etc.
whether design and commerciality, design and actual application achieve great balance
whether the design conveys brand values directly and correctly
whether it breaks through the traditional design norms and shelf image, whether it solves some problems in a forward-looking way
user experience, ergonomics, sustainability, environmentally friendly
whether the physical product fulfills the design expectation/whether the conceptual project can be realized in technology and at a reasonable cost
*All the entries will be judged from the six criteria based on different proportions according to different categories.

Awards Setting

1.The Grand Marking Award: to praise the best entry in all in-market projects

2.Marking Concept Award: to praise the best entry in all conceptual designs

3.“Agency of the Year”: this award will only be selected among agencies who submit 5 or above entries. The committee will give praise to the most outstanding agency according to the scores of all the entries.

4.“Agency of the Brand”: this award will only be selected among brand owners who submit 5 or above entries. The committee will give praise to the most outstanding brand owner according to the scores of all the entries.

5.Awards in each category: to praise those outstanding entries in each category. Winners will be granted as “Marking Label Award”, “Marking Structure/Material Award”, “Marking Product Award”, “Marking Brand Design Award”.

Entrant Rights


Application Fees

Early Brid (before September 30th, 2019): RMB 1000 per entry

Regular (before November 30th, 2019): RMB 1500 per entry

Latecomer (before December 31st, 2019): RMB 1800 per entry

Last Chance (before January 17th, 2020): RMB 2000 per entry

IP Rights Disclaimer

1. All the entries must be original works from the candidate, which do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third parties or violate any terms in related laws;

2. Any legal issues related to the entries (including but not limited to problems concerning reputation rights, copyrights, portrait rights, trademark rights, and patent rights) must be taken responsibility by candidate(s) who submit the entry. If the entry is found to have real legal concerns, FBIF committee has the right to disqualify the entry and its awards. Meanwhile, the candidate(s) has to compensate all the losses caused to the committee;

3. FBIF/Marking Awards committee has the right to promote, report and display all the entries free.

4. All information provided by candidates must be correct.

5. Other attention points

1) Either participating as a single designer or as a team, negotiation with other co-creators and having approval from them are necessary before filling in the entry form;

2) If there are judges having enquiries about the entry’s qualification, the candidate(s) will have to provide written evidence to prove it;

3) Two candidates are not allowed to submit the same work under the same entry theme. If the work is produced by more than one party, please make sure it is not submitted repeatedly.

How to Apply?

MA2020 application follows the procedure of “1. Pay for application 2. Entry submission”. Click the links below to submit entries.

MA2020 Application Guide
Online Application