Marking Awards Ceremony

The ceremony of Marking Awards 2019, global food & beverage packaging design award launched by FBIF, was successfully held in Hangzhou International Expo Center on April 23rd, 2019. MA2019 received more than 500 designs from 200 global brands and agencies in total. After evaluation, 37projects of professionals (brand owners, design agencies, packaging suppliers, freelance designers) and student group finally won.

Marking Awards was born to mark the world's excellent food packaging. With FBIF's international influence, during the two years of its holding, MA has received attention from World Packaging Organization (WPO), served as a bridge between brands and design agencies for over 30 times, contributed to traceable cooperation for 8 times, and led to 3new packages on market, trying every means to promote interaction between food and design. As a China-based international food packaging design contest, Marking Awards is responsible for discovering and praising brilliant local F&B package designs, as well as encouraging communication between local and global design power, aiming to speed up F&B brands’ packaging innovation, package functional optimization and improve their aesthetics standards.

Marking Awards evaluated all the entries from six criteria: commerciality, communication, functionality, originality, foresight and design, but different categories take different proportions.

Review | Bright Spots & Comprehensive Upgrade

There are a lot of bright spots in Marking Awards 2019. It has experienced full-dimension upgrade from visual and scale aspects.

Highlight 1: More International Visual Feast

Cooperating with exclusive visual partner L3 Branding, Marking Awards 2019 started a new vision to present a more professional visual experience.

Highlight 2: More Intense Competition

As a high-level international competition, the scale of Marking Awards 2019 has advanced to a higher level. Both entrants and entries have increased substantially. The number of brands and agencies has increased by 61% compared with last year, but it was more competitive, as the winning rate was only about 7%.

In addition, many reputable packaging design experts participated in the entry evaluation as juries.

Prospect | Insights on Future Packaging Design Trends, Grasp the Secrets of Selling Products

With different brand strategies, design agencies will also provide different solutions, but the general design trend is consistent in the real F&B packaging design industry. By appreciating the award-winning works above, we can see seven future design trends.

The first trend is Minimalism, which is simple but ingenious and can often catch people's eyes. The second trend is Bold Coloring, as the international frontline food brands gradually pay more attention to the color selection. The third trend is Visualization. Innovative packaging can help brand stand out of the market, and visualization is the best shortcut. The fourth trend is Atypical Packaging, to break the traditional shelf images with structural innovation, and to enhance user experience with creative packaging of existing products. The fifth trend is Inner Green. Environmental-friendly and sustainable designs can not only reduce the impact of packaging on the environment, but also reflect the brand's sense of social responsibility. The sixth trend is Amusing. Amusing packaging is not only a child's patent, but also can bring topics and interactions to adults. The final one is Extreme Visual. The extreme visual effect will highly restore and present the brand image, giving consumers the feeling "vision is brand".